Monday, January 3, 2011

Flower Sack Jumping

Flower Sack Jumping from Qianyu (Cherry) Zhou on Vimeo.

Fish Swimming

Fish from Qianyu (Cherry) Zhou on Vimeo.

One of my dream

One night, I dreamt of a girl who lives in an old house by a lake. She waits by the lake for the coming shooting stars. These shooting stars are unusual. Each one carries a small bottle. Each bottle fills with magic water. Whoever drink one bottle of magic water will become younger.

When the shooting star comes, the girl is very happy and she finds a bottle that falls into the lake. She drinks it, and then she becomes younger and prettier.

Yet, the girl does not content, she finds more and drink three of them. Suddenly she sees all the pieces of her past and future. The girl does not want predicted life. She regret of not knowing contentedness.
 At last, I woke up. The end.



The morning set



On a full moon night of the ancient China, a girl is waiting for her beloved one to come.

Negative Space

Key hole

A lock keeps back us from entering a door. Key helps us to open the door. Then the important thing is the key must match the key hole on the lock. I feel the key hole is like a light bulb. Once you have an idea, the light bulb turns on, your mind opens the door for a new concept, a new world.


I think puzzle piece is the perfect example for negative space. It has different ins and outs which in a way like human. No one is perfect. Each has its own advantage and disadvantage. But when each individual, humans, animals, and plants, adds together, we make the whole and become the perfect.

Cherry blossom & Cherry

Image Analysis

Original photo


Charcoal Drawings

Here are some of my old charcoal drawings:



Still set

Hello, 2011!

Hi! Happy 2011 everyone! A new year, a new look. Here is my new blog. Here I share my art pieces. I'm super excited about it and I hope you will like it too. :)
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